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Is your independent hotel “invisible” to travelers?

Does this routine sounds familiar?

1)    Wake up.

2)    Grab phone or tablet.

3)    Check messages, email, social media, news and weather.

4)    Get out of bed and start the day.

The routine above is probably as familiar to you as it is to millions of travelers across the globe.  Before getting out of bed, people check-in with family and friends, engage with brands and consume news that keeps them informed and helps them make important decisions during the day.  And, of course, this process of checking-in online continues up until the moment they get back into bed.

As an independent hotelier, when you think about travelers’ online behavior, are you taking full advantage of your opportunities to connect with them?  Are you sending out marketing emails encouraging them to “Book Now?”  Are you posting engaging content on social media?  Is your website optimized for viewing on mobile devices?  If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s definitely time to rethink your digital marketing strategy.  By not leveraging the owned digital media tools mentioned above, your hotel is left essentially “invisible” to millions of global travelers who spend a lot of time online.  If remaining invisible doesn’t fit into your hotel’s long-term goals, then we have some tips for getting you on the right track.

In our latest report, Owned Digital Media & Marketing Tips for Independent Hotels, we highlight many of the owned digital marketing tools available, as well as how they can be leveraged to engage with travelers around the world.  Travelers rely on digital tools to make their lives easier and stay connected with the world, so it’s critical that independent hotels weave themselves into their online narrative.  As digital marketing becomes more important to hotel guests, having the ability to capture their attention can be the difference between achieving long-term success and spending years playing catch-up with your competitors.

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