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One HUGE mistake independent hotels must stop making

Hey there, independent hotel operators.  We know the summer travel season has you extremely busy, but we want to steal your attention for just a few minutes.  While speaking with potential clients and doing our personal travel planning, we keep coming across one HUGE mistake that too many independent hoteliers are making.  To fully grasp our point of view, briefly put yourself in the shoes of a traveler:

•    You receive an airline email promoting unbelievable last-minute airfare deals.
•    You select a city with great dining and entertainment options.
•    You find a great hotel, but when you try to book a room, you’re asked to email or call for availability.

At this point in your travel planning, do you contact the hotel and wait for them to respond?  Or simply find another hotel with a website that instantly provides rates and availability and then allows you to quickly book a room so you can continue with your day?

Unless the hotel offers amenities and services that are absolutely worth waiting to receive more information about, it’s likely that you, as well as most other travelers, will move on and search for another hotel that provides online bookings, agreed?

Now, switching back to your role as an independent hotelier, do you agree with the scenario above?  Does your website have a hotel booking engine?  If not, why are you making this HUGE mistake?

Consumers can book almost every travel need, airfare, rental cars and dinner reservations, on their phone or tablet while lying in bed or waiting in the doctor’s office, so reserving hotel rooms should be no different.  Today, hospitality begins online before guests arrive, so independent hotels cannot allow technology shortcomings to be the difference between capturing bookings and putting revenue into their competitors’ pockets.

innRoad’s hotel booking engine is a critical, operations-driving feature of our fully integrated hotel management software solution.  Travelers are accustomed to speed and convenience, so our desktop and mobile hotel booking engines are designed to display rates, room types and availability in real-time so bookings are captured quickly and easily.  Travelers will always have their lodging preferences, but to remain competitive, independent hotels must leverage technology that provides the functions and services commonly found across the hospitality industry.  Consumers have countless lodging options at their fingertips, so operators without hotel booking engines must decide to find a solution or continue making the mistake that’s pushing their competitors’ ahead.

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