Understand your independent hotel guests better with an email marketing survey

The busy summer travel season benefits independent hotels in various ways, including higher occupancy, healthier ADRs, increased RevPAR and more opportunities to deliver exceptional guest service.  But there’s another benefit that often goes overlooked and underutilized – an increased number of guest email addresses.  Email marketing has been around for a while and, even though social media currently has the digital marketing spotlight, it’s still highly effective.  Instead of storing email addresses collected from reservations in spreadsheets, independent hotels should use them to gather valuable insight from their guests.

As we’ve discussed, using email marketing software programs, like Constant Contact and MailChimp, is a great way to keep in touch with past and potential guests.  It’s also an efficient way distribute surveys and collect important data about your independent hotel, as well as guest demographic information.  To jumpstart your email survey efforts, below is a 13-question survey that you can use to connect with and collect information from your most loyal guests.

Independent Hotel Email Survey
1)    Overall, how do you rate your stay at (insert hotel name)?
1 (poor)            2        3 (average)        4        5 (excellent)

2)    Based on your experience, would you recommend (insert hotel name) to a friend, colleague or other traveler?
1 (poor)            2        3 (average)        4        5 (excellent)

3)    Based on your experience, would you stay at (insert hotel name) again in the future?
1 (no)                    2 (possibly)                3 (yes)

4)    How do you rate the physical appearance of the exterior and interior of (insert hotel name)?
1 (poor)            2        3 (average)        4        5 (excellent)

5)    How do you rate your arrival experience (check-in, staff friendliness, cleanliness) at (insert hotel name)?
1 (poor)            2        3 (average)        4        5 (excellent)

6)    How do you rate the staff service and hospitality at (insert hotel name)?
1 (poor)            2        3 (average)        4        5 (excellent)

7)    How do you rate your guest room at (insert hotel name)?
1 (poor)            2        3 (average)        4        5 (excellent)

8)    How do you rate the amenities (café, bar, spa, pool, fitness center) at (insert hotel name)?
1 (poor)            2        3 (average)        4        5 (excellent)

9)    What was the purpose of your stay at (insert hotel name)?
Leisure            Business        Leisure & Business        Other

10)    How many nights did you stay at (insert hotel name)?
Number of nights:

11)    Are you female or male?
Female                Male

12)    What is the year of your birth?
Year of birth:

13)    Please share any additional information that you would like for us to know about your stay at (insert hotel name).

Thank you.

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