Independent hotel

What does independent hotel really mean anymore?

We address this question all the time, as we talk to independent hoteliers across North America. An independent hotelier has power over their profit, and their costs. If you are a “soft brand” or a “collection” some of your profit or some of your costs are not your own. Those are paid to someone else or they are incurred by someone else.

Being an independent hotelier, this day in age, is easier and harder than it’s ever been. Let’s first talk about why it’s easier:
•    You can make money
•    You can get reservations online without a huge investment
•    You have control over all aspects of your hotel
•    Your success is your own, all of it

And why do some people give in and decide to side with a brand (aka: why people think being independent hotel is too hard):
•    They want to give up some of their profit
•    They like having to answer to someone else
•    They like sharing their success with large enterprise companies

The reason we like working with independent properties is that they are our kind of people. They understand that it takes hard work to build a successful brand. It takes focus and attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile to provide a unique guest experience.

And, when all of that hard work pays off, you and the team members that put in the work alone deserve to reap the rewards.
Independent Hotels Rock.

To learn about how innRoad can help your independent property:
1.    Increase occupancy rates
2.    Decrease costs
3.    Focus more attention on guest experiences

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Thereasa Roy VP Marketing innRoad