upgrading the guest experience

3 tips for upgrading the guest experience at your independent hotel

Exceptional service is a hallmark of independent hotels. Whether paying $150 or $1,500 a night, every guest wants to experience great hospitality in exchange for their hard-earned dollars. While every hotel doesn’t need to provide 5-star service, it’s important that the guest experience aligns with expectations set by your daily rates, marketing information and the surrounding community. Here are 3 tips for upgrading the guest experience at your independent hotel and ensuring your guests receive the value they deserve:

Parking Services

Independent hotels located in urban centers and busy suburbs know that parking spaces come at a premium, sometimes leaving guests frustrated as they scramble to find one. Offering valet parking service or partnering with nearby parking lots is a great step toward solving this logistical challenge. To manage costs, outsource valet services to a 3rd party vendor rather than operating the service in-house, limit valet to busy weekends and special events, if possible, and negotiate special rates and reserved, hotel only-parking spaces with nearby parking lot operators.

Refreshing Check-in

After shuffling through airports or driving for hours, hotel guests can’t wait to shake off the “stale” feeling that comes from traveling. However, before getting to their rooms, they must take care of unloading luggage and checking-in. Hoteliers can make their time in the lobby more enjoyable by providing a station with warm towels, hand moisturizer and complimentary treats, like coffee, tea, fruit-infused water, candy and cookies. And for pet-friendly hotels, providing doggy treats will be a much appreciated surprise.

Premium Toiletries

Premium bathroom toiletries add a special touch to the independent hotel guest experience. Well-packaged products, such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mouthwash, cotton swabs and makeup remover, made with high-quality ingredients and materials give bathrooms a visual and sensory upgrade. After a long day of travel, freshening up with great products will help your guests feel refreshed and start their travel experience in the best way possible.

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