How much do you know about your booking engine?

If you ask guests about their experience with your booking engine, you’ll likely receive a puzzled stare in return.  Additionally, there may be members of your staff who would be confused when asked about your booking engine.  However, they will all know exactly what you’re talking about when you explain that your booking engine is the technology that allows them to enter information on your website, such as check-in/out dates, room size and number of guests, view available rooms and rates in real-time and then book their reservation.

Booking engines are a vital part of the travel planning process.  Today, they allow travelers to search and book rooms directly with hotels on their laptops, tablets and mobile phones from almost anywhere.  However, it wasn’t too long ago that consumers had to work with travel agents to make hotel reservations and other vacation plans.  Booking engines made their debut in the 1940s as air travel reached unprecedented heights.  Now, in addition to independent hotels enhancing their websites with booking engines, companies like Trivago and Orbitz have expanded upon booking engine technology with the development of online travel agents and metasearch sites.  Even online search giant Google has waded into the waters of hotel direct bookings.

Technology innovations are disrupting and improving the travel business for companies and consumers, so it’s only a matter of time before an exciting new enhancement makes booking hotel rooms even easier.  Learn more about how booking engines have changed the hotel industry by downloading our latest report, “The Evolution of the Booking Engine” today.

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