hotel shoulder season

Lean on your independent hotel’s “shoulder” season to prepare for year-end success

Although the sun is setting a little earlier, temperatures are gradually dropping and summer ADRs may need some adjusting, independent hoteliers shouldn’t wait until the holiday travel season to prepare for the next flurry of traveler activity. We’re entering what many in the hotel industry call a “shoulder” season. The hotel shoulder season is the time period sandwiched between the summer busy months and upcoming holiday travel season. Family vacation bookings are likely rolling in a bit slower, but there’s still lots of value in the late summer/early fall travel season. Here are a few tips to help independent hoteliers get the most out of their shoulder season:

  1. Review your summer success: Between May and August, many independent hoteliers are too busy to take a deep dive into the feedback they’ve received from guests. While it’s best to respond to guest comments immediately, in most cases, responding late is better than not responding at all. Comb through TripAdvisor, social media, emails and comment cards, summarize your guest feedback and make time to thank the guests who’ve made your summer a success.
  2. Create a Hotel Improvement Plan: Using your guest feedback summary as a guide, develop a plan for improving your hotel. Including physical and operational updates, prioritize your needs, assign costs, implement timelines and start working! The more you can complete before the holidays, the better the experience will be for your future guests.
  3. Evaluate your competitors: When you’re completely focused on running your own independent hotel, it’s easy to lose track of your competitors. The innRoad Hotel Grader Report provides you with the information needed to stay ahead of the curve. Including the ADRs of 3-5 surrounding hotels, a local area OTA analysis and summary of nearby hotel reviews and ratings, the innRoad Hotel Grader Report delivers the ultimate competitive advantage. Register for your report today.
  4. Take better control of your operations: If the summer busy season has left your team members exhausted and stretched your daily operations to their limits, it’s time to find a better way to run your independent hotel. Contact innRoad today and save 50% on startup costs for the only all-inclusive, cloud-based hotel management system designed specifically for independent hotels. Register for your personalized demo today.

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