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Stop mistakes BEFORE they happen with better independent hotel data

Every day, independent hoteliers make hundreds of decisions. Many are routine, like emptying trash cans, but the outcome of more important decisions, such as seasonally adjusting ADR or taking rooms offline for repair, can affect an independent hotel’s revenue and ability to take care of guests.

The downside of making lots of decisions is that mistakes will be made. Operators know that mistakes made in critical situations can lead to unhappy guests or unpaid bills, so they must be kept at a minimum. Having access to great data allows operators to make better decisions and stop mistakes before they happen, but many independent hotels lack the systems needed to provide helpful insights. This is where innRoad can help.

Fast, easy access an independent hotel’s most important data is just one of the benefits of innRoad’s all-inclusive Hotel Property Management System. Designed specifically for independent hotels, our cloud-based software includes four hotel property management solutions, Proper Management System (PMS), Booking Engine, Global Distribution and Hotel Revenue Manager, that put hoteliers in complete control of their operations. Fully integrated for easy access through our PMS, independent hoteliers can rely on innRoad to deliver the data needed to make the best decisions at the most critical moments:

Property Management System

  • Manages reservations (individual and group), room assignments, check-in/out and guest requests.
  • Automates billing processes, including accounts receivable, credit card processing and unit-owner accounting.
  • Provides easy access to more than 20 essential reports.

Booking Engine

  • Provides consumers real-time availability, rates and room types via hotel’s desktop and mobile websites.
  • Seamless integration and single-point PMS access ensures rates and inventory are always up-to-date and accurate.

Global Distribution

  • Delivers real-time availability, rates and room types to global audiences through Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and leading Online Travel Agents (OTAs), including Expedia and
  • Streamlined channel management allows OTA-booked reservations to be consolidated, organized and managed via the PMS without logging into multiple systems.

Revenue Manager

  • Streamlines important performance data, such as RevPAR, ADR and occupancy, for quick access, analysis and adjustment.
  • Easy access to historical data ensures reservations and revenue are consistently trending toward profitability.

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