Independent hotel marketing in 20 minutes per day

Even though a great hotel stay can happen overnight, a great hotel does not. With the help of some of our clients, I put together a list of three things you can do every day that keep your marketing efforts on the right path.

  1. Check in on Social Media (5 minutes)
  2. Look at your online reviews & respond (5 minutes)
  3. Reach out to at least one local business or your Chamber of Commerce (10 minutes)

Social Media Check-in

Social channels like Facebook and Instagram are a great way to keep in touch with your guests and community. It’s also a way to share with your audience things going on at your hotel or in your town. You might not have to say anything, but if you are spreading news that your guests would find helpful, they’ll remember. Here are some samples that our clients share on their social channels:

  • Local Events
  • Nearby businesses offers
  • Your own offers
  • Pictures from your guests stay

Look and respond to online reviews

If you are listed on any online travel agents (OTAs) like,, you’ll want to check in to see what your guests are staying. Take a moment to read and thoughtfully respond. You’ll want to keep a tone that is appreciative and understanding. One of our clients that does this week is the Blowing Rock Inn. You can read Melissa’s responses here.

Reach out to local businesses

Make a list of businesses within 50 miles of your hotel, and reach out to their office managers, their HR managers, their sales and marketing managers, or their owners. Let these people know that you can offer a local friends and family discount to their company to use at their discretion. You never know when local companies might need a hotel stay, and sometimes they might just need a discount to remind them they have a partner down the road.

Committing 20 minutes a day to your independent hotel marketing efforts will illustrate to your guests that you care about them and their stay, and you can help grow your client base at the same time!

Thereasa Roy VP Marketing innRoad