Tips for effective independent hotel management: Stop filling your workday with “stuff”

Most independent hoteliers have more responsibilities on their To Do List than hours in the day.  Much of their time is spent doing “a little bit of this,” then “taking care of that” and finishing “that thing from yesterday.”  Lots of “stuff” gets done, but the most important projects, like developing marketing strategies or enhancing front desk operations, get pushed aside because they’re too difficult to fit into the workday.

In the hotel business, it’s easy to get consumed by the countless small tasks that arise throughout the day.  If this sounds like your workday, here are a few tips for getting back on the path of efficient and effective independent hotel management.

Regularly review the guest experience

Thoroughly reviewing every aspect of the guest experience must always remain at the top of an independent hotelier’s To Do List.  From the online search and booking process through check-out, hoteliers should walk through each step as if they were a new guest.  Items such as broken website links, blown parking lot light bulbs and broken bathroom tiles can lead to negative online reviews and, ultimately, travelers opting to stay at competing hotels.  Maintaining a high-quality guest experience should always be an independent hotelier’s top priority.

Evaluate your team members and their roles

Having the right people in important roles within an independent hotel is critical for managing the guest experience and daily operations.  Hoteliers should routinely evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their team members, identify teaching and training opportunities and look to empower them with greater responsibilities.  Keeping team members in positions to succeed is key to ensuring that independent hotels consistently operate at the highest level.

Sweat the important details

While decluttering the workday, it’s important to remain focused on the details that matter, like RevPAR, ADR and Occupancy.  Hoteliers should have a firm understanding of how their property is currently performing and the goals they wish to achieve in the future.  With 2015 winding down, now is a great time to establish performance goals to achieve in 2016.

The hotel management responsibilities discussed above are time-consuming and labor-intensive, but they are critical to the success of every independent hotel.  Fitting them into daily schedules is challenging, but innRoad is here to help.  With our new Independent Hotel Review, we help hoteliers evaluate their properties by providing recommendations for enhancing and streamlining operations.  Register for your customized Independent Hotel Review today.

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