Tips for taking care of your business travelers

Weekly business travelers are responsible for keeping occupancy rates high, room rates stable and revenue consistent at many independent hotels. By logging hundreds of hotel nights and thousands of airline miles, business travelers generate a commanding portion of the travel industry’s revenue, so ensuring their comfort is a priority for many businesses.

Through special programs and services, many travel and hospitality companies roll out the red carpet for their high-value business guests. However, as guest acquisition and maintenance costs rise, some of the perks generally enjoyed by business travelers are slowly disappearing. With this change, independent hotels now have more opportunities to build lasting relationships with these guests. Here are a few ideas to help your independent hotel attract, deliver memorable experiences and build loyalty with business travelers:

Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs are attractive to business travelers because they provide extra comforts that make their strenuous work schedules a little easier. Room upgrades, free Wi-Fi and complimentary ground transportation are some of perks that independent hotels can offer loyal business travelers who achieve milestones for nightly stays or dollars spent. With various 3rd party loyalty programs on the market, hoteliers can partner with a program that’s structured to meet their goals or develop a program that’s unique to their property. Overall, loyalty programs add great value for business travelers and help position independent hotels favorably against their branded competitors.

Dining and Entertainment
Many business deals are sealed outside of the office while enjoying delicious meals and drinks. By developing great relationships with local restaurants, lounges and entertainment venues, independent hotels can help their business guests secure sought-after reservations, private tables and special services that help to impress clients. Additionally, these relationships will also serve helpful on less eventful days when business travelers simply need a great place to unwind after a long workday.

Late-Night and Emergency Services
Catching red-eye and overnight flights to attend morning meetings are common for many business travelers. When they arrive at their hotel, they are usually hungry or, unfortunately, dealing with a late-night emergency, like lost luggage or missing computers files. Independent hotels can help their business guests deal with their unexpected issues by preparing information for various late-night and emergency services, such as:

• 24/7 taxi and car service
• 24/7 food delivery
• Overnight/early-morning laundry and tailor services (in-hotel or local business)
• 24/7 printing and copying (in-hotel or local business)
• On-call computer tech support
• 24/7 emergency medical, dental and pharmacy services
• Keeping miscellaneous items at the front desk for quick use, such as baby wipes, laundry detergent pens, hand sanitizer, sewing kits, first aid kits and cell phone chargers.

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