Are you positioning your independent hotel team members for success?

We know from working with properties across North America that independent hoteliers are arguably the most dedicated and motivated professionals within hospitality.  A key factor in their success is their ability to elevate and motivate their team members to consistently perform at a high level.  By putting their teams into positions to achieve success, independent hoteliers are able to help them advance within their careers, as well as enhance the level of service and hospitality experienced by guests.

As we approach the New Year, here are some tips to ensure your team members are set up for great success in 2016 and beyond:

Goal setting

Goal setting is one of the most important factors in achieving professional success.  Hotel leaders should meet with team members to establish specific goals to be achieved over the course of the year.  As part of the goal setting process, a follow up system should be put in place so team member progress can be monitored and recalibrated as needed.  Without a process to hold team members accountable, their annual goals will amount to nothing more than empty promises.


In addition setting yearly goals and communicating expectations, hotel managers should listen to what team members want to accomplish later in their careers and then help put them on a path to get there.  Training is essential to professional development, so whether through cross-functional assignments, online courses or a mentorship program, independent hotel operators should look to develop their in-house talent.  Hiring is one of the most difficult parts of hotel management, so retaining and developing your top existing talent is the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep operations aligned in the future.  Loyalty isn’t just for hotel guests, the longer you can keep your team together, the better your hotel will be positioned for the future.

Practice makes perfect

After developing new skills, the next step is for team members to put them into action.  When ready, independent hoteliers should place their best prepared team members into roles with increasing responsibility.  Whether it’s leading meetings, heading up special projects or taking the reins of a functional group, the best way for team members to continue developing is by getting workplace experience.  As they navigate their way, operators should encourage their team members to ask questions and take ownership of their decisions.  The lessons they learn will prove invaluable as they advance in their careers and will help keep your hotel performing at a high level for years to come.

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