Learn what you need to ensure you're doing at your property when creating great guest experiences.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Creating great guest experiences

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and we don’t know about you, but we have a list of resolutions-some more manageable than others! We’ve created a list of common New Year’s resolutions independent hoteliers are facing in 2016. This week we’re tackling creating great guest experiences.

The 4 steps any hotelier should follow when creating great guest experiences

  • Understand who your guests are
    We’ve created a great guide to help you ask the right questions to get a better understanding of those staying at your property.
  • Do more of what they like
    Are your guests staying with you for business or pleasure? If they are leisure travelers, did they come to your property for an attraction or perhaps relaxation? Capitalize on why they came. If they are business travelers, check out our blog post we did on tips to appease business travelers here.
  • Get them to tell their friends
    Not only can you give your guests discounted rates from time to time, but why not give your best guests a special discount code for them to share with their friends? It’s a win-win.
    PS make sure to send a note or email saying “thanks” for the referral!