New Year’s Resolution #3: Increasing Occupancy at your Independent Hotel

Anytime a property is looking to bump up the number of heads in beds (aka: increasing occupancy), there is one question the hotel must ask itself: how do my guests look for a hotel? Once you can answer that, you can tackle bringing more guests in the door!

5 ways guests find you: 

  1. Online: If your guests look for hotels online, do you know what that means? Ensure you have that online visibility so that these guests can find you by partnering with OTAs and having an easy to use booking engine.
  2. Via telephone: Many folks still like to call up hotels to get more information. How do you support this type of guest? Do you have someone answering your phones 24/7? Do you have your calls routed to your cell phone? Or perhaps do you have a service (call center support) so that when you’re sleeping, you don’t miss a reservation? Whatever you do, it’s best to have some sort of plan in place to capture these folks.
  3. Travel agents: Harness the influence of both in-person travel agents and online ones by giving them all the information they need (e.g. pictures, vivid descriptions, list of all amenities).
  4. Return customers: You only get one chance at a first impression, so it’s important you and your team ensure a great experience the first time around. Check out our New Year’s Resolution #2: Creating Great Guest Experiences for tips!
  5. Recommendations from friends: Create a referral base for your customers. Give them that great experience and you can be sure that they will spread the word. In fact, why not entice them with a loyalty program? Read more here about building guest loyalty.

Do you have any tips for increasing occupancy at your independent hotel? Share your suggestions down below in the comments. For more help, contact us today to see how innRoad can help you achieve your 2016 resolutions.