How are you encouraging your employees to contribute to your successful hotels?

Three key secrets of successful hotels

Great achievements are hard earned in the independent hotel business.  Whether your property is one of the more successful hotels in the industry or is still on its journey to the top, you know that every day presents new challenges that must be overcome if you want to sustain and continue building upon your success.  While listening to our independent hotel clients, we’ve noticed a few traits that many of them have in common, so we want to pass along some of their insight.  Here are three secrets of successful hotels:

You need total team buy-in

Whether you have a team of 3 or 30, successful hotels thrive when every team member buys into the goals and believes in the culture established by its leaders.  Achieving total team buy-in can be a challenge for independent hoteliers, but the reward is worth the effort.  To get team members aligned toward a common goal, hotel leaders should look to:

  • Establish a mission, core values and/or goals that every team member fully understands and supports.
  • Create individual benchmarks for every team member that allows them to measure their professional growth.
  • Regularly communicate the importance of achieving team and individual goals and how everyone’s collective effort helps enhance the hotel’s performance and create great guest experiences.

Take pride in the details

Attention to detail is another factor that creates successful hotels.  Every property has the ability to invest time and energy into executing their operations correctly, without taking shortcuts.  Time constraints can tempt operators to shift their focus from completing tasks the “right way” to “just getting things done,” but, unfortunately, this is when mistakes occur.  Successful hotels keep their mistakes to a minimum by paying attention to the smallest details, from the structure of email confirmation messages to the presentation of team member uniforms.  Creating a culture where tasks are always executed the right way sets the tone for consistently delivering great experiences for every guest.

Actively manage performance

Successful hotels are known to keep a steady finger on the pulse of their business.  Actively managing performance is as essential, if not more, as any other responsibility for independent hoteliers.  Developing attractive rates, monitoring competitor activity, understanding local market conditions, curbing expenses and driving top-line revenue and bottom-line profits are some of the many ways successful hotels manage performance on a day-to-day basis.  Independent hotels that want to grow must make performance management a priority.  With dedication and time, performance management, along with attention to detail and team buy-in, can quickly elevate independent properties to the ranks of successful hotels.

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