Three tips to get more online hotel reservations in 2016

Happy New Year!  2015 was great for many of our independent hotel partners, so we’re looking forward to helping you continue your success throughout 2016.  We’ll start by answering one of our most asked questions, “How do I get more online hotel reservations?”

We love this question because there’s more than one answer – the challenge is finding the solutions that work best for your independent hotel.  As you kickoff 2016, try these three easy tips to enhance your digital marketing strategy and get more online hotel reservations.

Enhance your online curb appeal

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but for independent hotels, pictures are worth a whole lot more.  As travelers quickly scroll through booking sites, independent hotels may only have one opportunity to grab their attention, so eye-catching photos are a necessity for properties that want to get more online hotel reservations.

Good photography should be viewed as an investment in future bookings.  Showcasing great photos of your property, local community, famous landmarks and other attractions will help you stand out online and may be exactly what’s needed to help you get more online hotel reservations.

Increase your online odds

The great upside of online hotel bookings is that the process is faster and easier for guests and hotels.  The challenge it presents is that some hotels get “lost” in the sea of online profiles.  To break through the digital clutter and get more online hotel reservations, independent hotels must provide travelers with various ways to find them.

Independent properties can get more online hotel reservations by leveraging multiple booking channels, including a hotel booking engine and popular OTAs, as well as a mix of digital media tools, like TripAdvisor and social media.  A strong digital footprint can give independent hotels the competitive advantage needed to get noticed by more travelers, and, ultimately get more online hotel reservations.

Offer something special

Although the year just started, travelers are already planning their long weekends and vacations.  Independent hotels can cash in early and get more online hotel reservations by offering enticing travel deals and packages.  Start by reviewing your historical booking and revenue trends to identify time periods that can benefit from advanced bookings.  Then structure your special offers so guests clearly understand the terms and conditions, including cancelation and refund policies, pair them with great images, post them on your online booking and social media channels and hopefully you’ll be on your way to getting more online hotel reservations!

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