Is your independent hotel hiding in plain sight?

Is your independent hotel hiding in plain sight?
The learning curve for independent hotel operators is growing steeper every year. Running a hotel today takes much more than keeping your hands wrapped around on-property responsibilities. Hoteliers must also learn to navigate the ins and outs of online marketing, which includes leveraging tools like OTAs, the GDS and online reviews. Developing the right online marketing strategy can be a little intimidating, but it’s necessary to keep a steady stream of guests walking through the front door and avoid leaving your independent hotel hidden in plain sight.

If you’re new to online marketing for independent hotels or are looking for ways to enhance your current online marketing strategy, download our free Online Marketing Partnership Playbook.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:
• A breakdown of OTAs and the GDS and their impact on independent hotel bookings.
• Tips for determining the right online marketing mix for your independent hotel.
• Best practices for establishing your independent hotel’s online presence.
• Advice on how to best leverage your online marketing strategy to drive engagement and bookings.

Additionally, we can help you learn more about your competitors with a free Market Analysis Report. We’ll let you know their rates, which OTAs they’re using and their online ratings, so you can position your independent hotel competitively.

Download your free copy of our Online Marketing Partnership Playbook today.

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