Digital Marketing for Hotels

Three keys to executing digital marketing for hotels

Digital marketing for hotels is one of the most popular topics on the innRoad blog.  We’ve discussed its different segments, like Earned, Owned and Paid, creative strategies and various tools that can be used to execute digital marketing for hotels.  However, we understand that figuring out what’s best for your property can be a complex and time-consuming process.  Developing a strong digital marketing strategy is important for driving bookings and revenue, so we’ve simplified its core concepts and created three keys to executing digital marketing for hotels.

Be clear and concise.
Simply put, consumers need to quickly understand what you’re selling.  As you scroll through various websites and your social media feed, pay attention to the wide range of digital marketing messages and strategies used to target consumers.  How fast did each message resonate with you?  Did you understand what the companies are selling?  Did their messages compel you to click for more information or did you just keep scrolling?  These are questions that hotel operators should keep in mind when developing their own digital marketing content.  Consumers are bombarded daily with pitches for products and services, so crafting digital marketing content that’s clear and concise better positions you to break through the online clutter and capture revenue-generating reservations.

Offer value.
“Value” is one of the hottest buzz words in consumer marketing, so naturally it also applies to digital marketing for hotels.  Consumers have lots of options when it comes to spending their money, so to grab their attention and dollars, businesses must offer great value with their products and services.  For hotels, value can be offered in various shapes and sizes, like discounted rates, room upgrades, free valet parking, loyalty points and rewards, unique reservation packages, personalized hospitality, etc.  Communicating value is a key component of digital marketing for hotels.  In addition to making content more compelling, it enhances the perception of the on-property experience for your future guests.

Be different.
Differentiation is another important factor in digital marketing for hotels.  Travelers want more than a bland, cookie cutter hotel experience, so independent hoteliers have a great opportunity to meet this need.  Your digital marketing message should answer the question, “Why should I book a room at your independent hotel?”  Touting your newly renovated rooms, local community’s great dining scene or great on-property family activities are just a few of the ways to differentiate your property and deliver value through digital marketing.  The further you are able to set your independent hotel apart from competitors with digital marketing, the greater its opportunities for long-term success.

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