3 things independent hoteliers needs to know about Google search results

Google recently made changes to its desktop search results pages that will impact some independent hotels.  Google has removed the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) text ads that appeared along the right-hand side of desktop search results pages.  Now, ads will only be placed at the top and bottom of search results, creating a streamlined, mobile device experience-like appearance.  Here are 3 things independent hotel operators should know about this change:

Fewer total ads: Before this change, up to eleven PPC ads were displayed on Google results pages. Now, only seven text ads maximum will be shown at once.  Also of note, four ads, instead of three, will appear at the top of search results, so organic results will appear further down.

Ad costs may rise: With fewer opportunities to display ads, Google’s Cost-Per-Clicks (CPCs) may rise for advertisers. For independent hotels with smaller marketing budgets, this could make executing PPC search campaigns more expensive and challenging.

Elevated importance of organic search: If PPC campaigns become too expensive for independent hotels, showing up higher in organic search results will become more important. Having a strong presence on social media channels and online travel agencies will help independent hotels elevate and sustain their online positioning.

Overall, this change may make advertising on Google more challenging for some independent hotels, but there are still plenty of creative tactics and innovative tools available to capture travelers’ attention and drive them to your property.  Contact innRoad today by clicking here or calling 1 (855) INNROAD to learn how our independent hotel management software helps deliver the reservations and revenue needed for long-term success.


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