3 ways to clean up your independent hotel

Blog series: “Spring Cleaning” for independent hotels

#1: 3 Ways To Clean Up Your Independent Hotel

Ahhh, spring is here!  Well, at least that’s what the calendar says.  We know some independent hoteliers are still bundling up and shoveling out, but warmer days are on the way.  With the summer busy season approaching, now is the perfect time to get your independent hotel ready with some “spring cleaning.”  And by “spring cleaning” we mean much more than just dusting off the front desk and cleaning windows.

Now is the time to “clean up” everything that impacts your hotel’s performance, from your online presence to on-property appearance.  In our newest blog series, ”Spring Cleaning” for independent hotels,” we’ll share tips for getting your property into top shape.  Let’s start by diving into ways to prepare your hotel’s physical presence your summer guests.

Get what you paid for

You know those vendor contracts stashed in your office?  It’s time to read them over, see what maintenance benefits you’re entitled to and schedule spring check-up visits.  Some vendors, such as HVAC technicians, plumbers and electricians, will throw in “free” maintenance/check-up visits as an incentive to secure your business.  However, they also know that some clients will completely forget about this complimentary add-on.  Nothing in business is entirely free, so the cost of your “free” maintenance/check-up visit was already included in your upfront costs.  Since you’ve already paid for the service, it’s time to take them up on their offer.


Even if you’re now managing your independent hotel with innRoad (If so, you’re awesome!), odds are there’s some clutter hidden behind the front desk and in the back office that could use your attention.  Start going through your files and separating important documents from what can be recycled.  And while you’re decluttering, consider integrating a paperless management system into your daily operations.

While going 100% paperless isn’t quite realistic for independent hotels, greatly reducing paper usage is very doable.  Evaluate areas where you can reduce paper waste and develop a plan to achieve this goal.  Consumers are known to favor eco-friendly businesses, so sharing the progress of your new initiative on social media is a great way to win over new guests.

Room by room

Of course we can’t leave out traditional spring cleaning that requires a broom, mop, vacuum, paint brush and a little elbow grease.  Before bookings reach peak levels, develop a schedule for taking guestrooms offline each week so you can efficiently identify and address items needing repair or replacement.  For common areas, since it’s challenging to completely close off these spaces, assess the needs of each area and then separate the required updates into small, manageable projects.  This will allow you to assign projects to team members or hire vendors to fix issues quickly and not disturb current guests who may want to return to experience your independent hotel again during the summer.


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