Did you read the fine print?

Every time you purchase a new product or register for a new service, do you sit down and read every line of the contract, warranty, etc.?  No?  Well, you’re not the only one.  While we should read every detail, many times we just skim through the pages with intentions of reviewing the documents more closely later.  However, we get busy and “later” never happens.  It’s not until you receive an invoice full of additional charges that you pull out the contract to notice the various fees buried in the fine print, but now it’s too late.  You signed the contract, you’re stuck with the fees and you totally regret it.

Unfortunately, this situation has happened to many independent hotel operators over the years.  As a hotel property management software provider, we hear from frustrated hoteliers who can’t wait to get out of suffocating contracts.  Luckily, we’re able to help ease operators’ concerns by providing our easy-to-use hotel property management software at a great cost and without an annual contract.  Here are some of the benefits independent hotel operators receive with innRoad’s hotel property management software:

Valued Partnership

We consider independent hotels that power their operations with our hotel property management software our valued partners.  Our goal is to support our partners along their journey toward long-term operational and financial success.  This starts with a software subscription that’s structured specifically for budget-conscious independent hotels.  There’s no annual contract, no large upfront costs and no hidden fees buried in the fine print.

From day one, independent hotels know exactly what they are receiving from innRoad.  Our pricing starts as low as $150/month, so our independent hotel partners can be confident and comfortable knowing they are receiving top-rated hotel property management software at a great value.

Technology Designed for Independent Hotels

It’s important that our partners know that our hotel property management software is designed just for them.  We spend lots of time speaking with our partners to learn about their daily challenges, so we can ensure our hotel property management software delivers beneficial solutions.  With four core technologies, Property Manager, Booking Engine, Global Distribution and Revenue Manager, as well as premium features including first-class data security, our software is designed to help operators manage every aspect of the guest experience, front desk and back office operations and other essential independent hotel functions.

We want to make independent hotel management easier for our partners, so we provide the software and support needed to achieve their long-term goals starting from day one.  To learn more about innRoad, contact one of our expert team members by clicking here or calling 1 (855) INNROAD today.


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