Polishing up your online presence this spring

Blog series: “Spring Cleaning” for independent hotels

#2: Polishing up your online presence

We’re going to walk through a few tips that will help you polish up your property’s online presence.  After a cold winter, lots of travelers are ready to cure their cabin fever with spring and summer getaways, so independent hotels need to be well-positioned online to capture their attention.

We talk often about the value social media and review sites provide for independent hotels, especially those with limited marketing budgets.  These channels give operators great opportunities to speak directly to consumers and showcase why their property is the best option for their next travel experience.  If your hotel doesn’t have a strong online presence, now is the perfect time to dive into the digital world.  At the very least, independent hoteliers should register their properties across the popular sites shown below.  This will help secure your hotel’s online identity and guard against fake booking sites taking advantage of travelers at your expense.

Since the weather is warming up, it’s also time to freshen up your online content.  If you’re currently displaying winter photos, switch them out for images that help sell the warm weather travel season.  Within your online descriptions, use adjectives to create emotional connections.  For example, instead of simply listing your swimming pool as an amenity, help travelers envision themselves beside the pool with a description like, “Catch up on some easy reading or simply enjoy the sunshine by our ocean blue swimming pool, kept at a refreshing 78 degrees for your enjoyment.”  Small content flourishes like these can make a big difference in separating your independent hotel from competitors.

Finally, after giving your digital content a thorough “spring cleaning,” share it and engage with travelers online.  Every “like” and comment your content receives presents an opportunity to develop a new traveler relationship that may convert into a valuable, revenue-generating booking.

Check out the links below for more tips on using online tools to boost your independent hotel’s performance:


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