6 easy steps to creating a Facebook ad

Hoteliers, promoting your hotel on Facebook is essential to increasing your occupancy rates. Here are six easy steps to follow when creating a Facebook ad:

  1. Go to your hotel’s business page
  2. Click “Promote” in the top right-hand cornerFB ad 1
  3. Choose “Promote your website”.FB ad 2
  4. Edit your ad creativeFB ad 3
    • Add your website URL
    • Add text. This can be a one sentence summary on your property or you can use this as an opportunity to feature any upcoming specials you’re running.
    • Add an image. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your property! Visuals are key to engagement on your Facebook posts.
  5. Target your audience based on gender, age, location, interests. For example, suppose your guests are usually men in their 40’s who are in town for a fishing trip. You can add these demographics in here and add “fishing” in the interest section. FB ad 4
  6. Determine your budget and duration of campaign. You can choose how long you want your ad to run and how much you want to spend each day. If you set a daily budget, your ad will run daily until it hits your budget for the day. It will then pick back up the following day. Finally, enter your payment information.FB ad 5

Facebook ads are easy, cost-effective marketing solutions that will help you get in front of your guests and increase your occupancy rates this summer.

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