3 ways to gain a new perspective on your independent hotel

As an independent hotel operator, we know it’s tough for you to make time for things that aren’t absolutely necessary during your workday, but sometimes it’s good to take a break so you can gain some fresh perspective.  Here are a few easy ways to learn about what’s new in the marketplace, network with other local businesses and pick up tips to help improve your independent hotel operations.

Take sales calls

We’re sure you get more sales calls every week than you care to deal with.  We get it, when you’re not in the position to make a purchase, you really don’t walk to talk with someone about their product.  However, the next time someone calls pitching a product that may be valuable, even if you’re not ready to buy, take the call and schedule a meeting to learn more.

Taking sales meetings is a great way to learn about new products and services in the marketplace for independent hotels, what issues are affecting the industry at-large and the solutions being creating to solve them.  Taking sales meetings is a great way to do some market research without all the hard work.

Talk to other business operators

Every business operator is selling something, whether it’s a product or service, they’re betting there are consumers who are willing to spend their hard-earned cash.  In your local community, take note of the successful businesses, including those outside the hospitality industry, and try to schedule time to speak with the operator.

Find out what they’re selling, how they pitch to consumers, what strategies have failed and what’s worked to help them succeed.  Although they’re in different industries, many businesses operate along the same principles, so learning how others execute can provide lots of value and help improve your independent hotel.

Put your vendors to work

If you’re paying vendors for a service or product, you want to make sure that you’re maximizing your working relationship.  At least once a year, ask them to pitch you any new services and products they have available, as well as ideas they have in the works.  This is a great way to stay informed, ensure you’re getting the best value for your independent hotel and stay ahead of your hotel competitors.  Additionally, it will help strengthen your vendor relationships, which can be a greatly beneficial over the long-term.

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