How your hotel should handle bad online reviews

How your hotel should handle bad online reviews

As a hotelier, you know that unhappy guests are extremely vocal about their concerns. Whether they’re frustrated that they had to wait longer than anticipated for their room or they didn’t have enough pillows on the bed, studies show that guests are more likely to leave a bad online review than a positive one.

While we all do our best to keep guests happy and avoid getting bad online reviews, they are inevitable at times. Here are a few ways you should handle bad online reviews in the event that they do occur:

Take the issue offline

When possible, try your best to take the conversation offline.  Respond to the online review, tell the customer you’d like to contact them to address their concerns, and ask for the best phone number to reach them on. Let the customer cool down and explain the situation over the phone and not online for other potential guests to see.

Respond promptly

It’s important to cool down and take time to see the review from your guest’s point of view.  After you’ve taken a few minutes to compose yourself, quickly respond to the guest. Customers often attribute quick response time to a good customer experience.

Apologize and own your mistake

First and foremost, always start with an apology to your guest. Never try to prove them wrong. In your apology, explain to them how you’re going to fix the mistake and reiterate that you would really like to speak with them personally to address their concerns.

Share the feedback with your team and learn from any mistakes that were made

Turn the negative situation into a positive one and use this review as an opportunity to learn and grow as a team. Share the review with your staff to prevent the mistake from happening again. Discuss what could be done in the future to avoid making the same mistake twice.

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