Why are you in the independent hotel business?

Seriously, what drives you to get up every day to work countless hours and put tons of energy into operating an independent hotel?  There are lots of other ways to earn a living that are less stressful and less taxing, but for some reason, so many operators, like yourself, chose this path.  We’re not asking to be funny, we’re truly curious about what motivates independent hotel operators.

From time to time, we’ll ask independent hoteliers to speak candidly about what drives them and here’s some of our favorite responses:

“Honestly, probably more than others, I like the nitty-gritty parts of running a hotel.  When we’re busy and it’s crazy from morning to night, I just love the challenge of keeping things from running off the rails.  It’s tough, but I enjoy it.”

“It’s the people… our guests, my team, the local community.  They’re awesome.  Of course, every experience isn’t perfect, but the great ones far outnumber the bad ones and that’s what makes this so rewarding.”

“Well, the key word is in your question – independent.  We get to run the hotel in a way that caters to what our guests want and need.  Not upper management, shareholders or anyone else.  There’s so much value in that.  Sure, we have our struggles, but being independent gives us the opportunity to make the best decisions for our guests and our hotel every time.”

The common characteristic we love most about independent hoteliers is the passion that so many of you have for the career and life you’ve chosen.  It’s admirable and, frankly, awesome.  It’s also contagious, that’s why we’re so focused on helping independent hotel operators achieve their goals and continue building upon something they love.

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You probably don’t hear this enough, but great job and keep up the great work!  We’re proud of all of you!

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