Preparing your team for a successful summer season

Blog series: “Spring Cleaning” for independent hotels

#4: Preparing your team for a successful summer

One of the most rewarding compliments we hear about our independent hotel software is how quickly hotel team members, even those who are less tech savvy, are able to learn and use it to do their jobs better.  While it’s great to hear that our hotel software helps enhance daily operations, we know that there’s one special part of the independent hotel experience that technology will never replace – great hospitality delivered by engaging team members.

Independent hoteliers rely on their teams to keep guests happy and operations running smoothly, especially during the busy summer season.  As part of our “Spring Cleaning” for independent hotels series, we’ve gathered some helpful insights to help prepare your team for a busy and successful summer season.  Here’s to hard work and some fun in the sun this summer – good luck!

Communicate your goals

Managing your independent hotel during the summer is, to put it lightly, challenging.  New guests arriving and departing daily, longer workdays and frequent unexpected surprises will test you and your team’s ability to think and act quickly.  So a great way to prepare your team to make good decisions this summer is to communicate the goals you want to achieve.  During meetings, regularly discuss the benchmarks, such as the type of hospitality and level of performance, you’ve set and how every team member plays a role in the hotel’s overall success.  Communicating your goals early and often with your team provides them with clear direction as they navigate their way through a busy summer.

One-on-one evaluations

Providing and receiving feedback is essential for professional growth.  Whether your team members are full-time, part-time or seasonal, now is the time to hold individual discussions on how each person can maximize their skills and abilities this summer.  With year-round and returning seasonal team members, talk about the areas where they consistently excel and their opportunities for improvement.  With new team members, give them a sense of the upcoming busy season and how you believe they’ll add value to the team.  Additionally, with all team members, collaborate on setting individual goals that will help them develop and, collectively, drive your independent hotel’s performance to new heights.

Have a party

Finally, it’s going to be a long, eventful summer so kick it off with a small party for your team members.  Whether you order pizza or host a potluck, a pre-summer celebration is a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work they’ll put in over the coming months.  A small gesture like this can go a long way with your team and help ensure another successful summer busy season.

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