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2 mistakes that may be driving guests away from your hotel

Whether you’re a new hotelier or seasoned veteran, it’s a given that you’ll make a few mistakes that you’ll want to take back and do over, but unfortunately that’s not how life works.  In a business where guest expectations are high, hotel operators routinely focus on avoiding big mistakes, but sometimes that creates opportunities for small, careless errors to sneak through the cracks.  Here are two common mistakes that independent hoteliers should keep their eye on to avoid driving travelers away:

Lack of attention to detail

For hoteliers, paying attention to detail should be practiced daily across every part of their business.  From your online booking process to on-site parking lot, you should regularly check for errors and/or ways to improve upon your existing processes and systems.  For example, every page on your website should be routinely checked for spelling errors, broken links and anything else that may push guests to click on a competitor’s website.  Throughout your hotel, regularly scan for dust, leaky faucets, drafty windows and other inconveniences that appear minor, but give off the wrong impression to your guests. At first glance, your hotel may look great to guests, but after a longer second look, finding oversights like these may have a negative impact on their experience.

Internal miscommunication

Whether you’re part of a team of 2 or 200, miscommunication is bound to happen from time-to-time.  When kept behind the scenes, its impact can usually be kept at a minimum.  However, when it affects the guest experience, it’s a totally different story.  A guest request that didn’t get communicated at shift change or was forgotten during the afternoon check-out rush can quickly snowball into a big problem.

When speaking about our hotel property management system (PMS), we stress to independent hotel operators that our software offers more than property management, a booking engine, global distribution and revenue management.  innRoad is a great communication tool for hotel team members.  Our software is cloud-based, so team members can login on-the-go from almost any device with an internet connection and view the same information in real time.  Managers can set viewing permissions, so team members only see the information that most important to them.  With everyone working from the same system, hotels can minimize opportunities for miscommunication, while increasing the potential for great guest experiences.

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