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3 keys to a successful Memorial Day weekend

We’ve talked about it for weeks, but with Memorial Day weekend just days away, the summer busy travel season is finally here.  As the unofficial start of summer, millions of travelers will hit the roads and fly the friendly skies to enjoy a long-awaited 3-day getaway.  For independent hotel operators, this is the first of many busy summer weekends.  To ensure a great summer season kickoff, here are 3 key to a successful Memorial Day weekend:

Team pep talk

It doesn’t matter if you have a team of hotel veterans or newcomers, the Memorial Day weekend rush can be a lot to manage.  The constant stream of travelers walking through your lobby, calling the front desk and emailing questions can be overwhelming, so before things get too crazy, gather your team for a pep talk.  During the talk, set the stage for the weekend, explain what is expected of them, reinforce the importance of providing great hospitality and, most importantly, remind them to have fun.

Vendor check-in

With more guest traffic coming in over the next few months, you’ll need more products and services than during the rest of the year.  Before you realize that you’re low on bathroom amenities or need more frequent linen deliveries, contact your vendors now and tell them that you’re entering your busy season.  They’ll appreciate the advanced notice much more than a last minute rush order and can also help you develop a plan to make sure your hotel is properly stocked and serviced all summer.

Hotel check-up

With just days left before Memorial Day weekend, it’s time to make sure your independent hotel is operating at its best.  Walk your entire property and check for the “small things” than can negatively impact the guest experience, such as blown light bulbs, leaky faucets, cloudy windows, dusty blinds, carpet stains, etc.  As soon as you find an issue, fix it immediately rather than putting it on a To Do list that never gets completed.  Throughout the summer, continue this check-up on a weekly basis so your hotel stays in top shape.

The success of Memorial Day weekend will set the tone for the entire summer, so prepare your team and hotel now before busy season kicks into high gear.