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3 tips to become a hotel technology expert

Technology is weaving its way into every part of independent hotel management.  It’s helping hoteliers manage essential tasks faster and with less effort and guests are using technology to craft their travel experiences exactly to their liking.  There’s so much to discuss about hotel technology, but let’s focus on three important areas that every operator should understand and leverage to improve their hotel’s performance.

Property Management

Whether you manage a 5-room bed and breakfast or 200-suite resort, you know that efficient and effective property management is critical for achieving sustained, long-term success.  So if you’re using outdated pen and paper systems, it’s time to make a change!  Hotel property management systems, like innRoad’s cloud-based, fully integrated software, are intuitive and easy to use, provide powerful booking tools, streamline operations and allow operators to better manage performance.  If you want to get more comfortable with technology, a great way to start is by using it every day to improve your independent hotel’s operations.

Social Media & Review Sites

We get it – social media can be extremely overwhelming, but travelers love using sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and TripAdvisor, so independent hotels must learn to love them too.  Luckily there are lots of fun and efficient ways to manage your hotel’s social media presence.  Start here with “Social Media 101 for Independent Hoteliers” and then dive into our blog archive to learn more about engaging online.  Before you know it, you’ll be tweeting, posting, pinning and hashtagging like a pro.  (If you don’t know what those words mean, you’ll learn soon!)

Mobile Technology

Simply put, mobile technology is the future of hotel technology.  Consumers rely on their mobile devices to manage their entire lives, including planning and booking travel.  Independent hotel operators must consider developing strategies for engaging travelers across mobile channels, if they want to remain competitive over the long-term.  The great thing is that mobile technology is still growing, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn more – click here and here for some insight.  But as you know, technology moves fast so dive in now so you don’t get left behind.


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