3 ways independent hotels can increase guest satisfaction

Great hospitality is the standard for exceptional independent hotels.  It’s what sets top-rated hotels apart from their competitors, keeps guests loyal and attracts new travelers.  With the summer busy season on the way, here are a few tips for enhancing guest satisfaction at your independent hotel:

Pay closer attention

Many independent hotels are good at fulfilling guest requests, but exceptional properties are great at anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations.  Hoteliers can enhance their guest satisfaction by closely observing the type of guests who traditionally book with them, learning their travel preferences and aspirations and then developing hospitality strategies that ensure memorable guest experiences.  As a seasoned hotelier once told us, “The key to providing great hospitality is knowing what your guests need and want before they even think about it.”

Always offer a solution

There’s one word that independent hoteliers should avoid using at all costs – “No.”  It’s harsh and can put a damper on a guest’s experience.  Whenever hoteliers cannot meet a guest’s original request, an alternative solution should always be offered.  Whether it’s offering green tea when you’ve run out of black tea or a much grander gesture, offering an alternative solution shows guests that you are willing to go above and beyond to make sure they’re satisfied.

Make the effort to follow up

Following up is one of the easiest and most sincere gestures independent hoteliers can make.  It shows that you truly care about making the guest experience great, as well as adds a little “surprise & delight” to their trip.  For example, a “comfort check” shortly after arrival is a great way to interact and build rapport with guests at the beginning of their stay.  And after they’ve departed, a follow up call or email thanking them for their stay and inviting them back in the future will help keep your hotel top-of-mind the next time they travel.

With sustained dedication and hard work, every independent hotel can be exceptional.

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