Great photos can increase hotel bookings on OTAs

Travelers love capturing vacation moments with a great selfie, but do you know who else deserves a great selfie?  Your independent hotel!  Great photos of your independent hotel can help increase bookings on OTAs for hotels, here’s how:

Great photos help independent hotels survive the visual elimination round.

Travelers’ initial search on OTAs for hotels is usually a visual elimination round.  By browsing hotel photos and removing the properties they’re not interested in booking, they can quickly narrow their choices.  If the hotel doesn’t look appealing at first glance, it falls of the list – it’s that simple.

Competition on OTAs for hotels is tough, so poor photos can take an independent hotel out of the running for reservations and revenue before the race even starts.  Not only do guests value good hotel photography, OTAs for hotels, like Expedia, use photos to determine a property’s online visibility.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for independent hotels, they’re worth a lot more.

Perception = bookings & revenue

When comparing properties that offer similar experiences on OTAs for hotels, great photos can make the difference between capturing bookings and losing out to competitors.  There are lots of predictable and unconventional factors at play during travelers’ final hotel selection process, like distance from the airport or quality of bathroom photos, so perception is everything for properties utilizing OTAs for hotels.

Great photography can help increase bookings and revenue, but partnering with the right OTAs for hotels is even more important.  To help operators navigate the evaluation and selection process for OTAs for hotels, we’ve created a free eBook: innRoad’s Online Marketing Partnership PlaybookDownload your free copy today and feel free to reach out to an innRoad expert with any questions.

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