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Increase reservations with a two-way PMS system

Picture this. You’re a small hotel owner. You have 10 rooms that you tirelessly work to keep occupied by listing on OTAs like Expedia and You try to keep track of all the emails that you get with reservation information. You update your inventory as quickly as you can, hoping that you don’t get a double booking in the meantime, but you are exhausted. Over time, we see hoteliers try to keep up and in the end, they end up limiting their inventory on their OTAs just to make sure they don’t end up with an overbooking. And, that is frustrating for everyone: guests and hoteliers.

They one key component you are missing is a hotel management system that does all of this for you.

If you’re manually entering reservations or using a PMS system that doesn’t speak directly to OTAs, you’re missing out on reservations. By not putting up all of your availability on OTAs, you’re limiting your exposure to potential guests. If you have 10 rooms and are only putting up 5 on OTAs out of fear you might overbook, you’ll never reach 100% occupancy.

You’re also not allowing yourself to take full advantage of your OTA partnerships. One of the biggest benefits of listing on OTAs is that you are able to promote your entire inventory to guests searching for you online.

Investing in a two way connectivity PMS system like innRoad, will help you increase revenue and increase occupancy. When you manage your inventory on innRoad, you’re not just managing rooms in your PMS. You’re managing rooms that are listed on all OTA channels. You don’t have to worry about overbooking or double booking rooms.

Do yourself a favor – invest in a tool that provides you with two way connectivity and allows for your available rooms to have the most visibility. Everything on one platform with real time updates, no double bookings, and no overbookings.

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