3 leadership skills shared by top independent hotel operators

We’ll always debate whether leaders are born or made, but there’s no denying that great leadership is needed to be a successful independent hotel operator.  Top-performing hotels have great operators in-place who motivate team members, instill confidence in guests and drive the business forward.  Leadership is displayed is lots of different ways, but there are common traits shared by most top leaders.  Here are 3 skills that are shared by top independent hotel operators:


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  With the countless moving parts involved with running an independent hotel, operators must develop and rely on detailed operations plans to keep their property on the right track.  Whether it’s an annual performance plan or weekly objectives, operators should rely on their planning to track progress and hold their teams, as well as themselves, accountable.  It’s obvious to guests when hotels aren’t prepared to meet their needs, so making planning a priority will help ensure that guests remain happy and continue to provide the bookings and revenue needed for long-term sustainability.


As you know, running an independent hotel is more than a 1-person job.  Between team members and vendors, lots of people play roles in keeping properties running smoothly.  So to keep everyone on-task, great communication is needed to coordinate their various tasks and responsibilities.  To get the required results, operators must deliver messages that are clear, concise and impactful.  Great hoteliers are able to communicate their expectations to the right people, explain how tasks need to be executed and when they need to be completed – the essential “who, what, how and when” of effective and successful communication.

Problem Solving

Even with great planning and communication, problems will happen while managing your hotel.  However, top hoteliers have the skills to anticipate issues and quickly find solutions.  Problem solving skills are developed over time, but they also have a direct connection with good planning and communication.  When unexpected issues arise, top operators can rely on their planning to quickly identify what happened, communicate what needs to be corrected and develop long-term solutions to ensure they don’t happen again.

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