3 reasons why travelers aren’t booking rooms at your hotel

For travelers, finding a hotel online can be trying process.  Online travel agencies (OTAs), review sites and social media provide an overwhelming amount of information, so selecting the right hotel takes some careful decision making.  To capture reservations, independent hotels must stay in consideration throughout the selection process, but that can be challenging if their online booking experience isn’t engaging and informative.  If travelers are overlooking your hotel, here are a few reasons why and some helpful solutions:

Travelers can’t picture themselves staying there

Think about how consumers make buying decisions.  They quickly scroll on their phones, tablets and laptops, viewing high-quality written content, photos and videos until something catches their eye.  Does your online content make travelers stop and pay attention?  More importantly, does it help travelers picture themselves staying at your hotel?  If you’re not confident in your online content, then travelers will definitely be unsure.

Test the strength of your online content by asking volunteers to critique the strengths and weaknesses of your website, OTA listings and social media channels.  Using their feedback, along with some tips found here and here, start making adjustments to improve your online content and keep travelers engaged throughout the entire booking process.

Booking process is too cumbersome

Continuing to think about the buying behavior of quick-scrolling consumers, hoteliers who ask travelers to “call or email for reservations” are taking themselves out of the competition for bookings before the race starts.  Today, more travelers want a seamless online booking process – a few easy clicks and they’re done.

If your hotel has online booking tools that are in need of a boost, here are a few strategies to help maximize their potential.  But if you’re still relying on phone and email to capture bookings, contact one of our online booking experts to learn how innRoad can get your hotel back into the race for revenue-driving reservations.

Zero or very little social media engagement

Travelers are talking online about their experience at your hotel, but are you participating in the conversation?  If not, it’s hurting your online reputation and costing you bookings.  Travelers enjoy seeing hotels respond to reviews and comments.  It shows that they truly care about their guests, even after they’ve departed.  Engaging online also helps travelers validate hotels and guard against falling victim to fake hotel websites.

Independent hotels have lots to gain by engaging with their guests and travelers online, so try these tips to ramp up your social media engagement and give them reasons to book, rather than overlook, your hotel.

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