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Blog series: Hoteliers share how innRoad simplified operations

Running an independent hotel is rewarding, but without the right tools, it can be extremely challenging.  innRoad hotel management software is built specifically to solve problems that create stumbling blocks for independent hoteliers.  Here’s what some of our independent hotel partners had to say about innRoad’s ability to cure some of their most nagging operational issues.

Problem solved: expensive technology

“When I started with this motel, we were using another system. We had too many issues and the cost was eating up our profits. We work very hard to make this small business run, it’s nice to work with your service it makes things run a little smoother.

-Jeanette McDaniel, Whispering Sands Motel

There’s an ugly misconception that good hotel management software has to be expensive.  Well, that’s simply untrue.  The issue is that some technology providers offer out-of-date systems that require costly hardware, constant software updates, frequent service calls and numerous add-ons just to provide the basic functions needed to run a hotel.  Of course, if it takes all of that to configure a system, it’s going to cost a lot.  Luckily, none of this is the case with innRoad.

innRoad is cloud-based, so no special hardware is required.  If you can get online, you can access all of the features and functions of our hotel management software.  In addition to our core functionality, which includes a Property Manager, Booking Engine, Global Distribution and Revenue Manager, our partners receive a full complement of value-enhancing features and services for as low as $150/month.

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Problem solved: poor customer service

“innRoad customer service is the best I have ever worked with in any industry. Their level of expertise is very high and they understand the hotel business. My issues have never taken more than one phone call to resolve.”

-John Thomas, Dancing Bears Inn

As an operator, it’s frustrating when you cannot get the help you need from your hotel management software provider – especially when they have no problem billing you every month!  We’ve heard horror stories about poor customer service from hotel management software providers, so we created a solution to ensure innRoad provides the support our hotel partners need.

We pair top-tier account management, ongoing training and 24×7 customer support with our cloud-based hotel management software so issues that hinder operational performance are solved thoroughly and quickly.  The faster we help our independent hotel partners get back on track, the faster they can get back to taking care of their guests.

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