Invite local travelers to enjoy a wonderful staycation

Great summer getaways don’t always need to include long-haul flights to exotic locations.  Travelers can enjoy fun-filled experiences with well-planned staycations – vacation experiences enjoyed within a short distance of home.  Independent hotels are perfect for locals who want to experience being a tourist in their own backyard.  Here are a few experiences that hoteliers can market to local travelers to encourage staycations:

Wellness weekend

There’s nothing like a little pampering to help travelers relax and recharge.  Partnering with local businesses that specialize in spa treatments, massages, personal grooming, yoga, meditation and nutrition is a great way for independent hotels to expand service offerings and create enticing travel packages.  To ensure travelers’ comfort, hoteliers can arrange for services to be performed on-site or at the providers’ office.  Additionally, offering wellness packages provides great opportunities to tout in-room amenities, like high-thread count sheets and high-pressure showerheads, which enhance relaxation and elevate the guest experience.

Festive foodies

Food drives tourism globally, so it can be just as influential locally.  With food festivals and restaurant events occurring year-round, independent hotels have lots of opportunities to get involved and benefit from travelers’ love of delicious eats.   Hotels can gain exposure by sponsoring local food events or simply marketing themselves as the perfect place for travelers to recover from their food hangovers.  And for areas where food festivals aren’t as popular, providing travelers with gift cards to local restaurants is an easy way to turn their stay into an enjoyable date night.

Outdoor adventure

Outdoor activities like camping, hiking and water sports draw travelers to popular national parks, beaches and lakes, but almost every town has hidden outdoor gems that even locals tend to overlook.  A little online research will uncover natural attractions that are great for travelers who live a short distance away.  Using social media, independent hoteliers can share photos, videos, safety tips and sample itineraries for these outdoor adventure locations that get travelers excited to explore their surroundings and, of course, stay the night.

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