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“Go local” and make your independent hotel the center of attention this summer

Local exploration is making travel more exciting and memorable for hotel guests.  Travelers are venturing off the beaten path and navigating their way through neighborhoods in search of the things locals do.  Leveraging local knowledge and relationships, independent hoteliers can help their guests get more acquainted with their surroundings by inviting the community into their hotel.  Here are a few creative ways to make this happen:

Local food and beverage experiences

Food tourism is elevating the profile of new destinations, as well as enticing the taste buds of hungry travelers.  Independent hoteliers can use their local insight to ensure their guests taste the best flavors their community has to offer.  By hosting temporary pop-up shops, monthly tastings or other events with local restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and other food and beverage vendors, hoteliers can showcase the delicious eats locals enjoy every day.

Through these types of on-property events, travelers have opportunities to discover eateries they may not find on their own, you provide locals with more reasons to visit your property, neighboring businesses have an opportunity to reach new customers and, as the host, you’re able to enhance your guests’ travel experience while introducing your hotel to your neighbors.

Special events

Hosting special events can strengthen your hotel’s identity and reputation among travelers and locals.  Events such as art shows, family game nights, fundraisers and networking events draw a great mix of people who can bring a lively, infectious energy to your property.  Special events provide travelers with a great look at the people and activities that give your community its personality, as well as give locals more reasons to get out of the house and enjoy what their neighborhood has to offer.

Independent hotels have opportunities to think outside of the box and try new, fun ways to set themselves apart from their chain competitors.  This summer, get creative, “go local” and make your independent hotel the center of attention.

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