hotel management system to boost performance

Maximize independent hotel performance with a hotel management system

Some independent hotel operators are keeping a secret.  While everything appears great from the outside, behind the scenes they’re losing sleep and driving themselves crazy.  The secret we’re talking about is the struggle to maximize hotel performance – increase bookings, drive revenue and capture profits.  It’s a challenge lots of hoteliers navigate daily, but luckily, there are great solutions for enhancing operational performance.

Here’s how to navigate some of the common roadblocks for independent hotels:

Ditch the paper trail

To hoteliers using paper files to manually manage daily operations, here’s some advice… STOP!  Top performing hotels utilize online property management systems (PMS) to manage operations efficiently and effectively.  Powerful PMS’ help hoteliers streamline operations, elevate team member productivity, secure sensitive information and minimize the risks that jeopardize performance. Learn more about innRoad’s cloud-based hotel PMS

Make your website useful

Hotel websites with well-written descriptions and professional photography are nice, but they’re useless if travelers cannot use them to book rooms.  Hotels can quickly transform their sites from online billboards into reservation channels with a powerful booking engine.  Not only do they enhance online booking experiences, they save hoteliers time and energy by doing away with productivity-killing email and phone inquiries. Learn more about innRoad’s booking engine

Get help from your partners

Operating independently definitely has its perks, but lack of brand awareness is a very real challenge for hoteliers.  Popular online travel agencies (OTAs), like Expedia and, provide independents with the access and awareness needed to connect with global travelers and capture valuable bookings.  Sure there’s a cost of doing business, but OTAs help independents with the heavy lifting needed to be successful. Learn more about innRoad’s global distribution

Know your numbers

Independent hoteliers should have real-time access their most important performance metrics, including RevPAR, ADR and occupancy.  This is where a revenue manager plays a vital role in hotel operations.  With real-time performance data, operators can decide to change rates, funnel bookings through OTAs or their website, adjust staffing and make other critical, data-based decisions.  If hoteliers are serious about maximizing performance, it all stats with knowing their numbers. Learn more about innRoad’s revenue manager

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