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Celebrating independence: Happy July 4th!

Across the U.S., family and friends gather on July 4th to enjoy delicious food and watch colorful fireworks light up the sky.  At innRoad, we’re not only celebrating Independence Day, we’re honoring Independents – independent hotels to be specific!

When hoteliers decide to launch and operate independent hotels, it’s a conscious decision to take the road less traveled in the travel industry.  Many independents don’t have resources equal to their chain hotel competitors, so they’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to provide unique, hospitality-driven experiences and an opportunity to create a business they can call their own.  It’s this passion that makes partnering with independent hotel operators exciting and rewarding.  innRoad is proud to support the journey of so many independent hotel operators, so we want to take a little time to celebrate their hard work.

In our July 4th-inspired “Celebrating Independents” blog series, we’ll explore how some of the most dedicated independent hoteliers have crafted their brands from scratch, separated themselves from competitors and developed plans for long-term operational and financial success.  Their journeys are both educational and inspirational, so stay tuned for great, first-hand insight.  Happy 4th of July!


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