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Celebrating independence: Insight for successful independent hoteliers

Veteran independent hoteliers will agree that achieving and sustaining long-term success is challenging.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all operations manual and you can’t call corporate when problems arise – independents must get their hands dirty and fix things themselves.  But getting the job done alone is tough, so that’s why innRoad provides hotel management software to help independents run their hotels successfully.

Closing out our “Celebrating independents” blog series, here’s some insight into how innRoad supports independent hotels and positions them for success.

More operational control

The travel industry is evolving and it’s affecting independent hotels.  Now, more than ever, it’s vital for hoteliers to have total control of their operations, so they can properly prepare for the future.  Here’s a pop quiz to help hoteliers gauge how in-tune they are with their operations:

  • What percentage of reservations are coming from phone calls, websites and OTAs, respectively?
  • How has RevPAR trended over the past 12 months?
  • How does 2016 occupancy compare to prior years?

Answers to questions like these provide insight into the health of a hotel’s operations.  We know that some independents don’t have quick access to this valuable data, so we’ve designed our hotel management software to solve this critical need.  With innRoad, independents can take complete control of their operations and gain the insight needed to navigate the competitive and ever-changing travel environment.

Eliminating problems

Many independents can relate to the daily, time-consuming challenge of trying to solve problems.  Here’s what some of our hotel partners dealt with before utilizing innRoad to manage their operations:

“We made all the mistakes inherent with manual entries…double bookings, cancellations not being taken off the tape chart, and so on.” – Al Ridolfo, Chelsea Pines Inn

“We dealt with one particular PMS provider probably 4 times a week. The customer service was slow and 75% of the time unable to resolve the issue with one phone call.” – John Thomas, Dancing Bears Inn

Running an independent hotel is a hands-on job, but spending too much time fixing problems takes operators away from their guests and driving their business forward.  innRoad eliminates problems by fully integrating important operational tools into one, cloud-based hotel management software solution and supporting it with a team of independent hotel experts.  By eliminating problems before they start with innRoad, independent hoteliers have more time, energy and focus to deliver the unique travel experiences their guests deserve.

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