Use a content calendar to keep your social media momentum

Continuing our conversation on social media for independent hotels, we want to introduce one of the most important tools for effective and efficient social media management – a content calendar.  A content calendar serves as an independent hotelier’s roadmap for maintaining consistency and developing an engaging online brand personality.  Here’s how to create and use a social media content calendar.

Creating a content calendar

A content calendar is a document, like a spreadsheet, or online tool independent hoteliers can use to outline their social media content and strategy.  Using social media professionally requires hoteliers to be deliberate and thoughtful with every post, so planning what you want to share in advance helps keep your message aligned and consistent across all channels.

We recommend scheduling time monthly to plan social media content 2-4 weeks in advance.  This will help keep you organized and eliminate falling off-schedule and making mistakes when you get busy.  Segmenting your calendar by social media platform and date will help you create original content for each channel, rather than pushing the same message across each.  Putting together a monthly content calendar takes effort, but it saves hoteliers lots of time and stress, while ensuring their social media messaging stays fresh and fun.

Crafting great social media content

Ok, now that you’ve created a content calendar to manage your social media accounts, here’s how to fill it up:

Original content:  Sharing original content is how independent hotels craft their online brand personality.  Many hotels have found success with sharing local travel tips, funny stories, contests, guest reviews, local community news and special offers.  Additionally, cross-promoting with local businesses helps draw additional eyes to your page.  With a little creativity, the possibilities for original social media content are almost endless.

Great photography:  A great picture can be worth 100 likes on social media!  Whether taking your own photos or reposting images shared by guests and locals, always use sharp, eye-catching photos on social media.  Great images enhance the professional look of your social media accounts and help draw travelers into your pages to learn more about your hotel.

Re-purposed content: Coming up with original content is tough, so re-purposing content from other sources is a great way to fill up your content calendar.  There are lots of travel and hotel media sites with great information, so there’s plenty of content at your disposal.  However, keep this in mind, “beware before you share.”  Only re-purpose content from sources that are trusted and align with your hotel’s brand.  Once you share it, it’s assumed that you endorse the opinions of the original author, so it’s important to thoroughly review all 3rd party content before sharing with your audiences.

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