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3 keys to email marketing success for independent hotels

Social media may have the spotlight, but email is still a highly effective marketing tool for independent hotels.  Research shows that email marketing delivers a ROI of 222% and is 40x better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.  With the power to attract new guests and drive revenue, email is perfect for enhancing your independent hotel’s digital marketing strategy.  Here are 3 keys for crafting attention-grabbing, performance-driving email marketing campaigns.

Love (or ignore) at first sight

The subject line is one of the most important parts of an email.  One third of email recipients open an email based solely on the subject – a stat that’s even more meaningful considering that some people sort through about 121 emails a day.  Creating the “perfect” subject is email marketing’s ongoing challenging, but hoteliers can figure out what grabs their audience’s attention by testing different concepts.  In general, subjects that are quick, creative and create a sense of urgency are known to entice travelers to open emails, rather than letting them drown in their inbox.

Less is more

Think about how you look at emails – do you thoroughly read them or just quickly scan through?  Email marketing experts say that most consumers only scan emails to find information that’s valuable and relevant to them.  For hoteliers, this means that your emails need to deliver quick, meaningful messages.  Using minimal text and eye-catching images are proven tactics for keeping consumers attention after they open an email.  But there’s still one last hurdle to cross to achieve email marketing success.

Take action

Ok, you’ve gotten travelers to open and view your email – now what?  Independent hotel emails should include a call to action that influences travelers to click and book reservations.  Every email doesn’t need to be a hard sales pitch, but it needs to lead travelers to your online booking channel(s), preferably your hotel website booking engine.  Email marketing is the ultimate exercise in trial and error for independent hotels, but its potential to create new booking and revenue-driving opportunities makes it worth the investment.

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