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Blog series: Hoteliers share how innRoad simplified operations

Continuing our “Problems solved – Hoteliers share how innRoad solved their operational issues” blog series, let’s dive into two more common issues faced by independent hoteliers, overbooking and wasted time.  In addition to hearing from our independent hotel partners, we’ll examine how innRoad’s hotel management system delivers the solutions needed to keep their operations running smoothly.

Problem solved: overbooking

“innRoad is a very good program, easy to use, much better then paper and no overbookings anymore.”

– Nick Cop, The Gateway Lodge

Having to tell travelers that you’ve mistakenly overbooked their rooms is not a good feeling.  In addition to disappointing travelers, you’re giving up valuable revenue and hurting your chances of getting their business in the future.  Overbookings often happen when operators lose track of paper files or when they rely on booking systems that aren’t synced and “talk to each other.”  Mistakes happen, but with innRoad, overbookings will become things of the past.

Our cloud-based hotel management system is fully integrated, so regardless of how rooms are booked – via hotel websites, online travel agencies or over the phone – inventory is seamlessly updated across all channels in real time and managed within one system so overbookings and other reservations mistakes are no more.

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Problem solved: wasted time

“We do at least 20-30 reservations a day, and we can save at least 2 hours a day with innRoad, just with reservations.”

– Steve Soldatovich, SolVen Hospitality

Many independent hotels run lean operations, so saving time on daily tasks is always a goal, but it’s not often achieved.  Even with a small team, using paper files or multiple, standalone systems to manage operations will lead to miscommunication and confusion that results in mistakes and wasted time – neither of which many hotels can afford.

innRoad’s hotel management system is designed exactly to meet the needs of independent hotels that operate lean and don’t have time to waste.  In addition to booking technology, innRoad provides operators with a Property Manager, Revenue Manager and other useful tools all within one, fully-integrated hotel management system.  No more logging in and out, no misplaced files and no more wasted time.  Independent hoteliers get everything they need for operational success with innRoad.

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