Connect your independent hotel to OTAs

Seamless, global online distribution is one of the key reasons why independent hoteliers choose innRoad as their hotel software partner.  Our hotel software connects independent hotels directly to hundreds of the world’s largest online travel agencies (OTAs), including, Expedia and Orbitz.  However, we know that some independents are still hard-pressed to jump onboard with OTAs.

We understand that parting with hard-earned profits it tough, but we believe that OTAs provide tools that allow independents to thrive over the long-term.  Here are some new research statistics that showcase the value OTAs provide to independent hotels:

  • 72% of U.S. leisure travelers used an OTA during their hotel shopping.

From a traveler’s point of view, OTAs make the challenging task of comparing hotels and other travel-related products efficient and easy.  Travel planning is generally a multi-step process which can include car rental, air transportation, lodging and other in-destination add-ons.  OTAs allow travelers to streamline their planning by providing content, rates, reviews, availability and other valuable information all in one place.

  • 47% of travelers book using OTAs because they’re easy to use.

OTAs are essentially travel industry technology companies, so they focus on delivering high-quality content and technology to ensure a great user experience.  For independent hotels that lack the resources to invest heavily in technology, OTAs provide ready-made, consumer-friendly digital platforms that deliver the valuable bookings and revenue needed to remain competitive.

  • In the U.S., 47% of leisure travelers believe OTAs offer better pricing that hotel websites.

Here’s why understanding consumer behavior is critical for independent hotel operators.  Whether accurate or not, lots of travelers perceive pricing on OTAs to be better than on hotel websites.  Having an OTA presence puts independent hotels “in play” during the comparison shopping phase of travel planning and, most importantly, allows travelers to seamlessly book their reservations whenever they’re ready.

Learn how our hotel software can connect your independent hotel to leading OTAs to start delivering the reservations and revenue needed for long-term success today.  Click here or call 1-855-INNROAD to chat with one of our experts.

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