Independent hotel software misconceptions

We speak with independent hoteliers every day about how they manage their daily operations.  We discuss their strengths, pain points, long-term goals, etc.  In turn, they ask about our cloud-based hotel software.  Occasionally, we encounter misconceptions about hotel software.  Well, let’s say they’re misconceptions about innRoad hotel software – we can’t speak for anyone else.  So to clear up some of the confusion, here’s why some common misconceptions about hotel software simply aren’t true.


Misconception #1: New hotel software takes too much time to implement.

When hotel operators tell us they’re too busy to implement a new system, we’re curious to understand the tasks that currently gobble up their workday.  In some cases, we’ve found that manual management tactics or an outdated property management system (PMS) are making their jobs more difficult than needed.

When independent hotels partner with innRoad, our goal is to start saving them time from day one.  Our team walks operators through the ins and outs of our hotel software to ensure they’re comfortable with the technology and are fully leveraging its time-saving, efficiency-driving functionality.

“We had a dedicated person to train our management staff when we set up the system, and they walked us through all the steps to get online bookings started. They have continued to support us as we had questions and even provide additional training for new staff as needed.”  – Jason Seter, Rocky River Inn


Misconception #2: New hotel software is too expensive.

As you can guess, we hear “New hotel software is just too expensive for me” a lot.  And we get it, adding new budget costs is tough for independent hotels.  However, we firmly believe the value our hotel software provides far outweighs its price tag.  For example, innRoad reduces the time spent managing inventory, as well as eliminating potential mistakes, by seamlessly updating all booking channels in real time.  Regardless if reservations are captured over the phone or online through our booking engine or global distribution channels, hoteliers don’t have to spend time making manual updates in our fully integrated PMS.

“We do at least 20-30 reservations a day, and we can save at least 2 hours a day with innRoad, just with reservations.”  – Steve Soldatovich, SolVen Hospitality


innRoad hotel software is affordable for budget-minded independent hotel operators, starting as low as $200/month, yet powerful enough to elevate and streamline their most critical functions.  Click here or call us at 1.855.INN.ROAD today to receive a personalized quote and prepare your hotel for the future.

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