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Mobile technology for independent hotels

Mobile technology has quickly changed how travel is planned, booked and experienced – and, amazingly, we’re still in the early stages of unlocking its full potential.  With this shift in consumer behavior, independent hotel operators must position themselves to leverage mobile technology effectively and efficiently.  Here’s a snapshot of how mobile is reshaping travel, as well as some tips and hotel software tools for operators looking to create their own mobile success stories:

60% of searches for destination information come from mobile devices, a 50% year over year increase.

Mobile devices allow consumers to plan their travel whenever they want, wherever they are.  Whether in line at the grocery store or walking on the treadmill, consumers are using these short periods of free time, which Google calls micro-moments, to piece together larger, more detailed travel plans.  So not only are travelers doing more travel planning online vs. offline, they’re utilizing mobile technology to fit travel planning around their active, busy lives.

64% of travelers watch travel-related videos when thinking about taking a trip – 2/3rds of watch time occurs on mobile.

During these micro-moments, travelers are searching YouTube, TripAdvisor and other online channels for rich, informative content, like videos, photos and reviews that help decide where to go, where to stay, what to do, etc.  Travel content development presents great opportunities for independent hotels looking to establish themselves on the mobile landscape.  Click here and here for tips on crafting great online travel content.

31% of leisure travelers and 53% of business travelers have booked travel on a smartphone.

Traveler confidence in mobile technology is steadily growing, so mobile bookings are expected to rise as more travel companies embrace mobile products and their capabilities evolve.  With innRoad hotel software, independents can enhance their websites immediately with our mobile booking engine and connect to mobile-ready OTAs, like Expedia and Orbitz, through our global distribution network.  All signs point to mobile bookings being essential to long-term growth within the travel industry, so now’s the time to prepare your independent hotel for the future.

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