independent hotel reporting

How reports help independent hotels maximize occupancy and revenue

Comprehensive reporting is one of the key benefits of innRoad’s cloud-based hotel property management software.  Having easy access to financial and performance data allows operators to make fact-based decisions, rather than guessing and hoping for the best.  For example, in our last blog post, we discussed how hoteliers can utilize reservations channel data to drive occupancy.  With great reporting, hoteliers are better positioned to leverage bookings for maximum occupancy and revenue returns in many ways, here’s how:

Inventory performance management

In some hotels, certain rooms are less popular with travelers than others.  It’s often assumed that location, size, lack of view, etc. are the reasons why they go unsold or why guests request to switch rooms.  However, without supporting data, it’s challenging to pinpoint exactly why these rooms under perform.

With access to historical information, operators can better manage the performance of their inventory.  In the case of under performing rooms, hoteliers can use reporting to gauge if they are overpriced compared to other room types, see if they are overdue for maintenance or determine if other factors are at play.  Maximizing booking opportunities is a priority for all independent hotels, but as successful operators understand, having access to accurate performance reporting is vital to achieving this goal.

Enhancing the guest experience

Managing the guest experience is a multi-step process that reaches across various functional areas of an independent hotel.  There will always be an emotional component to providing exceptional hospitality, but great information can help hoteliers elevate their guest experience without overspending:

  • Staffing – Historical booking trends help hoteliers better forecast weekly staffing needs, keeping labor costs in-line with revenue.
  • Guest loyalty – Identifying and tracking preferences of returning guests, such as room type and special requests, help build stronger, lasting relationships.
  • Marketing – Understanding the guests a hotel attracts, such as families vs. solo business travelers, allows operators to tailor marketing campaigns to target specific audiences.

We encourage independent hotel operators to learn more about how innRoad’s powerful reporting capabilities can help maximize occupancy and revenue by speaking with one of our experts.  Contact us by clicking here or calling us at 1-855-INNROAD.