What to Expect From Your Hotel Property Management Software

With 2016 winding down, it’s time to put some serious thought into improving your independent hotel’s operations in the New Year.  Hiring fresh talent, enhancing team member training and implementing new programs are great ways to recharge your operations, but some areas may still be left with unfulfilled needs.

As our customers have shared, the most effective and efficient way to improve full-scale hotel operations is upgrading your hotel property management software – this is how innRoad can help you.  Our software puts you in total control of your hotel operations, from streamlining front desk tasks to expanding online booking channels and much more.

We understand the challenges of exploring new hotel property management software, so here are a few tips on what you should expect from your hotel software, as well as how innRoad can support your needs.

Increased efficiency

Independent hotel property management software should reduce the time and effort you and your team spend on daily tasks so you have more opportunities to build relationships your guests.  innRoad accomplishes this by fully integrating hotel management tools, including a property manager, booking engine and global distribution connectivity, into one, streamlined system.  No more logging in and out of various systems and screens.  With innRoad, you have everything you need to manage your hotel in one place.

Greater flexibility

Running an independent hotel isn’t a “desk job,” so your independent hotel property management software shouldn’t keep you behind one all day.  innRoad is 100% cloud-based, so it’s accessible when and where you need it.  innRoad eliminates the need for hardware and servers – all you need is an internet connection to run your hotel from wherever the workday takes you.

New opportunities

In addition to improving your current operations, your hotel property management software should help you create and capitalize on new opportunities – primarily bookings and revenue.  With our booking engine, your hotel website transforms into a powerful, commission-free booking channel.  And through our global distribution channels, your hotel is showcased on leading online travel agencies, like Expedia and Hotels.com.  With innRoad, new opportunities for your independent hotel are just a few clicks away.