inventory management

Maximize occupancy and revenue with innRoad

Global distribution is one of the core features of innRoad’s independent hotel property management system.  Through our cloud-based software, independents are positioned on the world’s most popular online travel agencies (OTAs) – just clicks away from an audience of global travelers.  Here’s how our global distribution system provides hundreds of independent hotels with the tools and access needed to maximize occupancy and drive revenue:

Direct connections to OTAs

One of the most costly mistakes independent hotels make is attempting to manage individual connections with multiple OTAs.  Whether through channel managers or other 3rd parties, managing OTAs individually proves to be time consuming and operationally inefficient – adding unnecessary challenges to busy hoteliers’ workdays.

With innRoad, independent hotels are directly connected to GDSs and OTAs, like Expedia, and Orbitz, through our fully integrated software.  Our streamlined connection eliminates time spent switching between multiple screens and systems, providing operators with faster access to booking channels, greater control over inventory and more opportunities to position rooms online for strong returns.

Real-time inventory management

“Since innRoad is integrated, we can easily limit reservations to our own site during busy times or open reservations to OTAs when we’re slow.  We also don’t worry about overbooking anymore because everything is cloud-based and updates immediately.”Jason Seter, Rocky River Inn

Overbooking is a real challenge for some independent hotel operators.  Having to inform guests that they cannot be accommodated and then “walking” them to a competing hotel can have a lasting impact on a hotel’s reputation, future bookings and revenue stream.  It’s an issue that hoteliers must solve to remain on the path to long-term success.

innRoad’s fully integrated software takes overbookings and other inventory management challenges out of the equation for independent hotels.  No matter how rooms are booked, via OTAs, hotel websites, call center or at the front desk, inventory is updated in real-time across all booking channels, so travelers always have up-to-date room selections and operators avoid costly mistakes.  innRoad’s real-time inventory management controls also allow for rate adjustments to be pushed simultaneously across all booking channels or segmented as needed, providing operators with the flexibility needed to optimize inventory for maximum occupancy and revenue.

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